Hey, Howdy?

The name is Narges ( Hmmm! like Nar+Guess! 😉 ), and guess what? This is my website, a great medium of today to say to the world that “I’m Here…!!!”
Skim through my works of passion. They are representing my way to relate to you in a dazzling fashion. I hope you relate to them as well!
I’ve never figured out if I loved my different hobbies equally or which I love more than the others. As the argument goes, adding a general “Good” with a deeper implication of it here, would be helpful! So…, good films, good picture, good photography, good music, good books, and good YouTube stuff, and good food, just to name a few. I mean, Duh! Who is not in love with these?!

Phone: 714.684.4576